Why Is Your Bathroom Fan So Loud?

Your bathroom can be a place of tranquility, but if it has a loud fan, that peaceful atmosphere disappears quickly. A fan is an essential unit for any bathroom area because of the moisture that accumulates from bathing. It runs a great deal of time, and it may be warning you of problems if it is extra noisy. Here are a few problems you may encounter that require a bit of inspection time if you want your quiet time to be a pleasant experience.


A common reason for a fan to make extra noise could be the fan housing is not properly installed. A vibration can occur if it is tilted or sitting on an incline. As time passes, extra pressure is placed on the bearings, causing them to wear out quickly.


Turn off the power at the main power switch. Use a light to see if a buildup of dust is evident. If so, a can of compressed air will be the simplest way to remove it. Wipe off each blade to remove any dirt or other debris that might have accumulated on it. If the noise is still present, it may require checking the motor.

The Motor

The fan's weight will need the correct motor to operate quietly. If the fan is not large enough for the weight, the motor will have to struggle to reach the necessary speed. It will also cause damage to the motor if it doesn't have the adequate motor needed for the unit.

The motor may have one of the many moving parts broken, such as the connectors, the shaft, or bearings. The noise will become louder before the fan stops working. It is a warning sign that shouldn't be ignored.

Fan Blades

The fan blades are mounted by screws, and with the shaking and vibration of the fan, they might become loose. The longer this goes on, the likelihood of the fan becoming free and falling will increase, causing damage or serious injury.

If any part of the fan's grill or housing becomes deformed or warped, the spinning fan can touch it and make a loud noise. This will place a strain on the motor. A spark could be created because of this friction or the overheating of the motor.

Whenever you notice the fan is making an unusual noise, it is always a good time to investigate the problem quickly. If you postpone the investigation, it could cause you to replace the fan.

Contact a local electrician, such as one from Global Electric & Lighting Inc, for further assistance.